engineAIR - BIengineAIR Piston compressors

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Total freedom

Independent from external energy sources


Different configurations for all your air demands: petrol or diesel driven engine, tank or base mounted

Simple and easy to move

Ergonomic handle and large tyres for easy movement over difficult terrain

The two-in-one solution

BIengineAIR with one powerful motor, supplying both air and energy

Flexible solution on a small footprint

Exists in different configurations: engineAIR Petrol tank mounted and engineAIR Petrol base mounted, engineAIR Diesel tank mounted and engineAIR Diesel base mounted and BIengineAIR (diesel engine and generator) tank and base mounted. They are available in 10 to 14 bar pressure variants with movable receivers up to 200 liter, and stationary receivers up to 270 liters depending on the model.

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