Quality Piping Solution

AIRnet quality piping solution for transport of compressed air within any premises

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Continuous airflow

Due to its design, the fittings in the AIRnet system are sealed with leak-proof connections that prevent from losses in flow and energy. Since the piping is from non-corrosive aluminium and the fittings are full-bored, the flow is smooth and sustainable. Losses due to friction are reduced to a minimum.

Keeps the pressure up

A one bar pressure drop results in a 7% decrease of the energy consumption! In order to avoid these losses piping ought to be properly sized, leak-free and hence retains the pressure. AIRnet can deliver the desired pressure for a variety of high performing applications.

Sustainable air quality

Thanks to the materials used AIRnet does not affect the quality of the gases it transports. This minimizes maintenance costs and other costs related to the protection of downstream equipment, processes and applications.

Dynamic design

AIRnet answers the need to connect to any existing network and can be modified easily to meet any changes on the industrial floor. This makes AIRnet fast to install, easy to adapt and cost efficient.



10 years guarantee!

In line with the high quality performance of the AIRnet product range, we provide our customers with a 10 year guarantee on the AIRnet fittings and aluminium pipes against material defect.