SpiralAir Oil-free compressors Ceccato Aria Compressa


Small continuous quantity of pure air

Excellent performance at low temperature,
with an efficient cooling system

Installation at the point of usage
the compact design reduces the occupied space

Noisy reduced up to 10 dB,
with the soundproof canopy

Suitable for dental, pharmaceutical and food sectors, SpiralAir compressors allow benefiting from the advantages of variable screw compressors obtaining compressed air without oil contaminations. These compressors cut costs of power, avoiding useless engine turn, and of management, since they do not require any filters’ substitution and condense treatment maintenance. Spiral technology guarantees air compression through two helicoidal elements, which do not touch each other: in this way, it ensures a constant flow of compressed air, a silent working system without exceeding whelming’s production.

The unnoisy Spiral Air ensures the maximum working comfort, besides compact dimensions allow to be installed next to the point of usage, reducing the space occupied. Available in several versions, and from two to four compression’s module in Multi version.

Technical details

Basic spiralAir

SpiralAir with dryer

Motor power 1,1 - 4x5,5 kW
2 - 4x7,5 HP
Pressure 8 - 10 bar
FAD* 174 - 2448 l/min
Noise 53 - 65 dB(A)
Size (LxWxH) smallest 760x690x840
biggest 1630x750x1844
Tank Optional
Weight 120 - 687 Kg 151 - 687 Kg

*FAD refers to 7 bar.

Find out all tecnical details: download the brochure

Selection guide: choose the right compressor for you!

Selection guide

Choosing the right compressor for you production system is fundamental. For this reason in Ceccato we developed this guide where you can know more about all advantages coming from compressed air

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