EnergyBox Ceccato


Recover up to 80% of compressors’ energy consumption

Recover and use up to 80% of heat energy,
coming from the compression process

Optimize consumption, reduce expenses for energy,  
contributes to a green production

Reuse heat in industrial processes,  
heat up places and get warmer water

Heat comes from compressed air production. This heat is dissipated through the cooling system of the compressors, with a considerable thermic energy wasting. The heat can be easily recovered and reused with Energy Box.

Heat recovery is the simplest, efficient and easy-to-install solution, which collects heat and makes it available to be re-used within your production system.

In this way, you can optimize energetic consumption and considerably reduce CO2 emissions. Besides, diminishing the compressors’ room temperature contributes to maintaining your equipments’ reliability pretty high.

Energy Box can be used in all Ceccato compressors from 11 to 180 kW. The version that allows to recover energy from compression is available for Ceccato DRB, DRC, DRD, DRE, DRF ranges. 

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