Professional Piston Compressors

Piston compressors for professionals

Explore our professional piston compressors, expertly designed to meet diverse compressed air needs in professional settings. Versatile and robust, they excel in both sporadic and frequent usage scenarios, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

Piston compressors for professionals

Introducing piston compressor lines meticulously crafted to fulfill professional compressed air needs. Versatile and reliable, these compressors adapt seamlessly to both sporadic and frequent usage, ensuring optimal performance. Among our offerings, the EngineAir piston compressor line stands out as the ideal choice for outdoor applications or areas with limited access to electric power.

Beltair Pro - Ceccato Asia

Wide range of compressors for different applications

thanks to the different single and dual stagepumps with pressure setups to 15 bar and different tank sizes available

Simple and ready for use

these compressors rely on solid materials such as cast-iron cylinders and steel protections

Resistant and reliable

even in the most intensive applications

Blueline Pro

Elevate your business with Ceccato's Blueline Pro. Designed for small but heavier-duty requirements. Power options in 2 HP and 3 HP.
Ceccato - Blueline PRO

Beltair PRO

Designed for professionals, BeltAir PRO promises efficiency, durability, and unmatched high-pressure capability. The trusted choice for demanding tasks.
Berltair PRO - Ceccato.

EngineAir and BIengineAir

Discover independence with Ceccato's efficient EngineAir and BiEngineAir: versatile petrol and diesel-driven compressors, perfect for remote applications.
EngineAir Ceccato Image

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