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Air receiver

Always available compressed air

Compressed air stock,
to supply huge air quantity requirements

Reduced energy waste,
with stable temperature and airflow

More free space in your production place,
vertical and to be installed next to the point of usage

Receiver for compressed air

The steel vertical tank for compressed air contributes to the correct function of the compressed air system and is adaptable to any type of application. Ceccato’s tanks are mainly used to stock compressed air, managing huge quantities of compressed air more easily. The air receivers contribute to reducing energy waste, avoiding any pressure peak, continuous starting and stopping of the engine and wasting heat.

The air receiver allows to a preliminary function to separate moisture, reducing the dryers’ workload.

Available in different sizes from 100 to 5,000 litres and with standard tools for installation for some versions, Ceccato offers three main types of compressed air receivers:

  • Painted air receiver, the most common, used when environmental conditions are not extreme;
  • Galvanized air receiver, used to protect steel from corrosion;
  • Vetrified air receiver, resistant to water e vapor.


Air receiver

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Air Receiver

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