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Oil-free piston compressor

Excellent performance at low temperature,
with an efficient cooling system

Minimum transmission losses,
thanks to the direct connection with the engine

Noisy reduced up to 10 dB,
with the soundproof canopy

Oil-free CleanAir compressors are specifically designed for professional applications, for which air quality is fundamental. Example of these applications is dentists, laboratories test, medical clinics and packaging. Clean Air compressors offer all the advantages of piston compressors as well as compressed air uncontaminated by residual oil. Besides, the pureness level in the compressed air is guaranteed also by air tanks treated with epoxy paint, which avoids rust and corrosion.

Equipped with a highly efficient cooling system, oil-free compressors CleanAir grant high performance at low working temperatures as well as long-lasting components. With the electric-powered engine, CleanAir reduces losses at minimum thanks to the direct connection between the engine and the internal pumping element.

Oil-free compressors Cleanair come with flexible configurations:

  • Clean Air T with integrated adsorbtion dryer ensure dried air till the dew point of -40°C.
  • Clean Air S with silent canopy cut off the noisy till 10 dB, granting a more silent and comfortable workspace
  • CNR 75 and 100 HP are suitable for all applications that need huge quantities of high-quality air.

Technical details





CNR 75-100

Motor power 1,1 - 2 kW
1,5 - 2,5 HP
1,1 - 1,5 kW
1,5 - 2 HP
5,5 - 7,5 kW
7,5 - 10 HP
Pressure 8 bar 10 bar
FAD* 125 - 240 l/min 125 - 155 l/min 660 - 930 l/min
Noise 71 - 77 dB(A) 64 dB(A) 62 - 64 dB(A)
Size (LxWxH) smallest 470x430x660
biggest 640x470x890
smallest 525x470x665
biggest 640x470x890
650x440x760 730x440x760 smallest 1442x808x1752
biggest 1984x808x1457
Tank 25 - 50 30 270 - 500
Weight 31 - 52 Kg 43 - 60 Kg 68 - 72 Kg 75 - 79 Kg 244 - 376 Kg

*FAD refers to 5 bar for compressors from 1,5 HP to 2,5 HP. From 7,5 HP, FAD refers to 7 bar.

Find out all tecnical details: download the brochure

Selection guide: choose the right compressor for you!

Selection guide

Choosing the right compressor for you production system is fundamental. For this reason in Ceccato we developed this guide where you can know more about all advantages coming from compressed air

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