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100% pure air for moderate usage

100% Oil-Free Air
No contaminants to worry about.

Long Operational Lifetime
Less downtime, more productivity.

Low Energy Consumption
Sustainability meets cost-efficiency.

Oil-free piston compressors

Whether you operate in food processing, automotive, or healthcare, the CleanAIR CNR 75-100 and CleanAIR CLR 15-25 models are engineered to provide reliable and oil-free compressed air, ensuring peace of mind and bottom-line benefits.

The CleanAIR CNR 75-100 is perfect for heavy-duty use, offering features such as an operational lifetime of 16,000 hours and low energy consumption. Meanwhile, the CleanAIR CLR 15-25 is your go-to solution for specialized applications like dental labs and food processing, offering dry air down to a -40°C dew point and quiet operation. Both models are direct drive, reducing maintenance costs and increasing efficiency.

We make it easy for you with minimal service interventions. Our global network of authorized service centers ensures you get prompt and efficient service, along with genuine spare parts whenever needed.

We understand that efficiency is key to your business. That's why CleanAIR compressors are designed to consume less energy, delivering high performance while reducing your operating costs.

When it comes to meeting the unique demands of your industry, CleanAIR compressors are tailored to excel. Specifically designed for applications in Food & Brewery, Chemicals & Plastics, Electronics, Textile, and Dental Labs, our compressors ensure you receive 100% oil-free air for utmost purity and performance.

Whether you're bottling craft beers, manufacturing high-grade plastics, or running diagnostic tests in a dental lab, CleanAIR provides the reliability and efficiency you need to maintain optimal productivity. Experience the Ceccato advantage and give your business the competitive edge it deserves.

  • Noise reduced up to 10 dB, with the soundproof canopy
  • Enjoy first-class reliability, ensuring you an uninterrupted workflow.
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption, for higher cost savings for your business.

Have a look at the range leaflet for more information


Ceccato CleanAIR 15-25 Leaflet EN

CleanAIR 15-25 EN
CleanAIR_CLR 15-25 Leaflet EN.pdf
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Ceccato CleanAIR CNR 5-100 Leaflet EN

Ceccato CleanAIR CNR 5-100 EN
CleanAIR_CNR_ 5-100 Leaflet EN.pdf
4 MB

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Technical details CLR CLR T CLR S CLR S T CNR 75 - 100
Motor power 1.1 - 2 kW / 1.5 - 2.5 HP 1.1 - 2 kW / 1.5 - 2 HP 5.5 - 7.5 kW / 7.5 - 10 HP
Pressure 8 bar 10 bar
FAD* 125 - 240 l/min 125 - 155 l/min 660 - 930 l/min
Noise 71 - 77 dB(A) 64 dB(A) 62 - 64 dB(A)
Size (LxWxH) Smallest 470x430x660
Biggest 640x470x890
Smallest 525x470x665
Biggest 640x470x890
650x440x760 730x440x760 Smallest 1442x808x1752
Biggest 1984x808x1457
Tank 25 - 50 30 270 - 500
Weight 31 - 52 Kg 43 - 60 Kg 68 - 72 Kg 75 - 79 Kg 244 - 376 Kg

*FAD refers to 5 bar for compressors from 1.5 HP to 2.5 HP. From 7.5 HP on, FAD refers to 7 bar


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