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Our air compressor innovation process

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As part of our air compressor innovation process, we're constantly developing new technologies for all models. If you're operating older equipment, it might be time to check out our latest offerings. There's been great advancements in variable speed drive (VSD) technology, energy recovery, motor efficiency, and monitoring tools.

This compressor innovation leads to long-term savings in both maintenance and operating costs. If you're interested in cutting energy costs, running a greener business, or tapping into advanced controls and monitoring, we offer various solutions.

Below you'll find an overview of what to expect from the latest Ceccato rotary screw air compressors.

Energy recovery

Since energy consumption makes up as much as 80% of an air compressor's operating costs, we aim to produce highly efficient equipment. One of the biggest ways to achieve this is through energy recovery.


In fact, our VSD models with energy recovery result in as much as 75% cost savings. This works by re-using the heat an air compressor generates. In operating an air compressor with this feature, you'll minimize waste as much as possible.

Air compressor innovation process

Motor efficiency

If you're currently running a fixed speed air compressor, that might not be the best solution for you. Our latest variable speed drive (VSD) models with an interior permanent magnet (iPM) motor can reduce energy usage by up to 45%.

The main difference between fixed speed and variable speed compressors is how they respond to demand. A fixed speed machine runs at a constant speed all day, while a VSD compressor only generates as much air pressure as needed.

In a separate article, we covered the differences between these two types of compressors, and how they work. A VSD's biggest advantage is its versatility with different application types. If you'd like to learn more, we recommend reading the article to better understand the basic principles.

Monitoring tools

One of the biggest advancements to come to nearly all industrial-focused businesses is smart factory technology. As part of our ongoing air compressor innovation, we've developed advanced controls and monitoring tools.

Whether you need onboard control with our ES4000T, multi-unit synchronization with the ECOntrol 6i, or remote monitoring with ICONS, our solutions work seamlessly. You can read more about these tools in a separate article.

The biggest advantage of utilizing smart controls and remote monitoring is in how they can prevent downtime while providing useful information. For example, with ICONS, you'll receive unique analytics to help you make the best decisions for all your equipment. In addition, this technology makes it easy to improve energy efficiency.

Even if you're running older equipment, you can still benefit from implementing these controls and monitoring tools. They usually can be added to nearly any air compressor. 

Comprehensive air compressor innovation

As we innovate and design the latest machines, we focus on the entire air compressor. Not only do we provide advances in energy recovery and monitoring, we also focus on giving you the right motor and element technology, air pressure variants, and tank size. 

All of these improvements are made to optimize your air system’s performance. We’re always looking for new ways to minimize pressure drops, air leaks and transmission losses.

While the savings from these upgrades aren't nearly as big as what you receive from energy recovery, they still create additional efficiency and savings. As our equipment is built to last, you'll experience these benefits for years to come.

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