Improved rotary screw compressor technology

Advancements in rotary screw compressor technology make this equipment one of the most efficient solutions on the market.

Advancements in rotary screw compressor technology makes this equipment one of the most efficient solutions on the market. In a previous article, we covered the fundamentals of how these machines operate.

Additionally, we discuss our innovation process and dive into monitoring tools in related posts. This context is useful in understanding the potential of rotary screw compressors for your business.

Whether choosing a belt drive, gear drive, direct drive, or interior permanent magnet (iPM) motor, you'll invest in a quiet machine. If you're seeking the most advanced models, it's worth looking into our variable speed drive (VSD) rotary screw compressors.

These machines combine features including optional energy recovery and enhanced cooling techniques. The result is a potential operational cost savings of up to 45% (with an iPM, compared to fixed speed models).

Not only do VSD rotary screw compressors help keep expenses low, they're also relatively easy to maintain. As part of their advanced technology, these machines are available with monitoring and control devices - found in the referenced article above.

Read on below to learn more about the fundamentals of what makes this equipment unique, and the various solutions available.

Improved rotary screw compressor technology

Mechanics of compressor technology

Our most advanced VSD iPM models are equipped with an IE4 super premium efficiency motor, high-efficiency element, and ES4000T controller.

As standard rotary screw compressors compress air with two screw rotors, there are many ways this mechanism is achieved. As mentioned in the introduction, some machines use a belt drive, gear drive, or direct drive system.

iPM VSD compressors differ from other rotary screw machines in how magnets drive the motor. Since this setup minimises moving parts, it's optimal for maximum uptime. Although these compressors are costly upfront, they're much less expensive to operate and maintain.

The iPM arrangement also minimises power loss, often found with a belt drive model. This improved energy transfer is due to virtually no friction created. If your application requires all day compressed air, this setup is ideal.

When used with the most advanced filters and dryers, a rotary screw VSD iPM compressor works for most applications demanding clean air. Such uses include automotive and manufacturing, energy, and HVAC.

In general, rotary screw compressors have revolutionised the potential for what's possible with high-pressure air flow. They're typically more reliable than piston compressors and come in a range of sizes to meet various applications.

With iPM, compressor technology has come a long way. We're continually working towards what's next.

Our innovation process

In our article on innovation, we cover our process and how quickly technology changes. We devote a lot of time to this topic, especially since electricity makes up to 80% of a compressor's operational costs.

Since VSD compressors change speed to meet air demand, they're superior to fixed-speed models for most applications. In addition to improving on the biggest factors, we focus on the details.

As air leaks are often an overlooked factor for energy loss, our innovation process ensures these are minimised as much as possible. Along with this point, our team spends time reducing pressure drops and transmission losses.

Regarding our innovation speed, we tend to release new equipment every 8 years on average. If your compressors are more than 10 years old, it might be worth exploring the latest models.

If it's not yet time to replace your air compressors, we offer advanced controls and monitoring devices - which can be added to most models.

Implementing this technology is useful for future-proofing your factory. Explore these solutions below to see if they're what your business needs.

Air compressor controls and monitoring

To maximize the benefits of your air compressor, you'll want advanced control and monitoring solutions. We cover these extensively in our article on how they work with a smart factory.

With our current offering of the ES4000T controller, ECOntrol6i multiple compressor control, and ICONS remote monitoring technology, your equipment will run smoothly.

Combining a large digital display, data analysis, and more, the ES4000T is ideal for controlling a single rotary screw compressor. These devices, built directly in the unit, are available for many models.

The ECOntrol6i is ideal for businesses running more than one air compressor. Its touch display improves performance across an entire factory by equalizing output. In addition, it sends maintenance-related alerts to reduce downtime.

If remote control is what you're after, there's the ICONS monitoring system. It processes and analyzes data across your setup, and sends email alerts about important issues.

As mentioned above, devices like our ECOntrol6i can be added to our air compressor units. We've designed our machines to last as long as possible.

To extend your machine's lifespan, we recommend investing in the monitoring tools mentioned.

Understanding our solutions

With all the advancements in rotary screw technology, it can seem overwhelming. We hope this guide is useful in pointing out what's possible, especially as these machines continue to evolve.

What you actually need depends on your application and industry. We're here to help guide you through this process. Feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable team to better understand what makes the most sense.