4 kW screw air compressor

5.5 hp screw compressor

The CSM 5.5 mini is the perfect 4 kW screw Air compressor for your business. This 4 kW compressor (5.5 hp screw compressor) is the perfect choice for your business if you’re looking for a reliable source of compressed air to get the job done.


Ceccato screw air compressor

Making air compressor since 1938

Here at Ceccato we know compressed air. We have been making air compressor since 1938. And everything we know has been put into the CSM 5.5 mini, the perfect small screw air compressor for your business/operation. This 4 kW screw compressor is the result of decades of experience in production in air compresses.

The screw air compressor to rely on

The CSM 5.5 mini 4 kW Air compressor (5.5 hp compressor) comes loaded with features such as the smarter condensate drain and the performance output of 16.6 CFM. So if you’re looking for a small compact screw compressor, then don’t look any further.

Learn more about this 4 kW compressor

Learn more about the CSM 5.5 mini screw air compressor by downloading the brochure below. Get in touch with us to find your nearest Ceccato re-seller/distributor, or to learn more about the product by using the contact form.