ECOntrol6 Ceccato


Optimize your room compressors

Manage and optimize
up to 6 compressors

Balance the working hours
and apply to priorities schemes

Repair wear, extend product’s life-cycle
and saves on maintenance


Manage your room compressors

ECOntrol6 is a simple system to control and regulate head room compressors, with up to 6 machines and the opportunity to schedule a priority scheme on the internal calendar. In this way, you can save money and balance the working hour of the compressors, saving on maintenance costs.


Easy integration and control

The controller ECOntrol6 comes with the board ES4000 Touch and can be integrated through the CAN network with Ceccato compressors with boards ES4000 Standard, Advanced, Swipe and Touch. At the same time, Ceccato’s fixed speed compressors can be also connected by using the controller Airlogic.

Five is the maximum amount of compressors that can be integrated with all other controllers, through connection with clean contacts.


Design for continuous working

In case of functionality anomalies on ECOntrol6, the control can be located on each unit connected granting continuous working. ECOntrol6 allows to starting/stop remotely and the automatic restarting after possible power breakout.

Thanks to the working hours balance, ECOntrol6 allows to maintain more machines in one only visit and to save more costs on services.


ECOntrol6i: integrated with the compressor

ECOntrol6i is the integrated version, available as an optional on Ceccato compressors with controller ES4000 Advanced and Touch. You can be integrated up to 6 machines with controllers ES4000 Standard, Advanced, Swipe e Touch, supported by CAN network.

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You can choose also the same model at different technologies or the same technology at different power

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Born more than 80 years ago, Ceccato is one of the most reliable brand for compressed air. Pioneer in screw compressors, Ceccato keep investing in innovation, with the aim to offer the newest technology within compressors' industry. Find out all about value and history of Ceccato.