bstAIR Ceccato Aria Compressa


Up to 40 bar

Low maintenance costs,
components require a very quick maintenance service

Gradual ON/OFF switching,
without any electric peaks

High reliability,
thanks to in-house produced components

The pressure elevators bstAIr are designed for those industries and processes that require compressed air or nitrogen at high pressure, such as laser-cut, blow moulding of PET and plastics. They can be connected to the low-pressure net within your building, getting the pressure to 40 bar, with a loss from 0,4 m3/min to 3,6 m3/min.

The strength points of bstAIR are lower maintenance costs, reliability and high attention to detail. They are equipped with a single-stage pumping system, highly reliable which requires quick maintenance and produces a high level of vibration. BstAIR is characterized by a slowly starting moment, without electric peaks, and a gradual stop. For the heaviest usage, you can choose a completely closed engine cooled with air.

Technical details

bstAIR 15

bstAIR 20

Motor power 11 kW / 15 HP 15 kW / 20 HP
Pressure 6 - 40 bar
FAD*  1,740 l/min 2880 l/min
Noise 83 dB(A)
Optional controller  Aftercooler

*FAD refers to 7 bar and all units are measured according to the ISO 1217

**Average noise level is measured according to the ISO 1251

Find out all tecnical details: download the brochure

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