The right size rotary screw compressor for highest efficiency

Depending on your workload, industry, and application, choosing the right size rotary screw compressor requires a proper assessment. Careful planning is especially relevant if you're going to expand your operations in the future. 

Sizing Your Air Compressor

It may seem like the logical approach is just to get a bigger rotary screw compressor than what you need. However, doing so could be wasteful on energy and operation costs.

Determining flow & pressure

It's first important to understand the flow and air pressure you need for your application.

Flow, often measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm), liters per second (l/s), or cubic meters per hour (m3/h), is determined by time. Determining the right flow of a rotary screw compressor depends on how long you need to get a job done.

Pressure, measured in pounds per inch (psi) or bar, is all about force. How much pressure you need depends on the resistance of a task. If you need to move heavy objects, you'll need higher pressure.

When purchasing an air compressor, it's worth noting a rotary screw compressor tends to have more flow than piston compressors.

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Avoiding rotary screw compressor leaks

Getting the wrong air compressor for a particular application could result in unexpected costs. For example, if you don't get one with enough pressure, air leaks may occur. It's important to constantly monitor gauges, and listen to your system to ensure everything is running smoothly.

The amount of wasted energy caused by even the smallest hole can result in huge operational costs. In addition to routinely maintaining your equipment, it's always best to start with the proper size air compressor.

 We hope this resource points you in the right direction to make informed decisions. As always, our team is here to help. Feel free to get in touch today to determine what size air compressor you need. 

The right size rotary screw compressor for highest efficiency