How to choose the right industrial air compressor

Industrial air compressors are those compressors used within the secondary sector, so in the goods production. Industrial air compressors are widely used mainly in factories.

The request of compressed air vary across businesses and production system’s dimensions. To meet all needs of the secondary sector, Ceccato Aria Compressa industrial air compressor’s offer varies in technology, size and F.A.D., free air delivered.

In this article, you can dive in:


What consider before purchasing an industrial air compressor

Buying the right industrial air compressor provides huge savings in the short and long term. Before the purchase, you need to answer the following questions:

  • How much compressed air does my production system need?
  • What is the maximum air pressure required?
  • Do I need an high-quality product?

How much compressed air does my production system need?

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Knowing how much compressed air the production system needs is the first step for choosing the suitable compressor. Ceccato Aria Compressa‘s industrial air compressors come with all power ranges to meet factories’ needs.

To know which industrial air compressor fit your requirements the best, knowing the F.A.D., free air delivered, is mandatory. The F.A.D. is the amount of compressed air flowing out the compressed air.

Be aware of possible fluctuations during the working day or week is also crucial to save money. Based on these fluctuations, you can choose the right technology of industrial air compressors.

What is the maximum air pressure required?

Industrial air compressors come with different pressure’s ranges, since each production system works at a specific compressed air’s pressurization. Setting the right compressed air’s pressure grant the correct working process of the production system.

Do I need an high-quality product?

Oil drops may be present in the compressed air, once it is produced with a lubricated compressor. When the final product’s quality matters for clients’ life and the company’s image, factories apply to oil-free compressors, so not-lubricated machines. Big industrial oil-free air compressors in Ceccato Aria Compressa are SpiralAir.

Industrial air compressor’s technologies

Most of factories require a compressed air flow big enough to be supplied by a screw compressor. Screw compressors are equipped with two rotary screw elements, through which the ambient air passes: when they are activated, these two helixes comprises the air, which is delivered to all production systems.

The main industrial air compressors’ technologies are:

Fixed speed screw compressors

Fixed speed screw compressors provides the same amount of compressed air from when they are switched on until they are turned off. This type of compressors suits those production systems that need a constant air flow and are always running.

Variable speed screw compressors

Variable speed screw compressors adapt their airflow to the request of compressed air. This technology suits product systems with peaks in compressed air needs during the day or the week. In these cases, choosing a variable speed screw compressor allows to save up to 35% on bills more than fixed speed models.

iPM screw compressors

Permanent motors’ technology adapts the air flow to the compressed air needs and allows to save up to 45% of electric power than fixed speed screw compressors. In other words, it’s the most efficient technology within the compressed air market.

The expert’s support

In this article we have highlighted the main steps for choosing an industrial air compressor and which are the main technologies. However, more elements should be evaluated and waged when buying industrial air compressors. Our technicians are always willing to support you with picking up the most suitable compressor.