Understanding our solutions

If you don't require a constant compressed air supply, a piston compressor may be ideal. They're also small, compact, and adaptable for most environments.

If you don't require a constant supply of compressed air, a piston compressor may be ideal. In addition, these machines work well for those on the move. They're small, compact, and adaptable for most environments.

We currently offer DIY piston compressors, as well as portable, professional, silent, and oil-free models. Depending on your needs, our machines fit in most spaces.

Ceccato's DIY and professional equipment is ideal for maximum portability. We also have a relatively quiet silent piston compressor. This machine is excellent for areas with high levels of conversation, and contributes to a positive work environment.

Whether needed for home construction, hobby crafts, auto repair, chemical industries, medical, food and beverage, agriculture, refrigeration, oil plants, or gas processing, we have a solution for you.

Piston compressor benefits for your application

Advantages of a piston compressor

As mentioned above, one of the main advantages of piston compressors is their versatility. They are also a great starter compressor for those who don’t need all-day air flow.

In addition, if you move around to various job sites / work outside, our outdoor models can withstand the elements.

There are also oil and diesel powered models for situations with no available energy source. With this, our EngineAIR and BlengineAIR compressors provide maximum fuel efficiency, allowing for longer use.

Although our silent piston compressor generates the least noise, all piston compressors are generally less noisy compared to other models. With the silent model, this reduction in sound is made possible by an internal cooling fan and in-house produced components.

Whether investing in a DIY, professional, or silent machine, all our piston compressors are designed to last.

Construction, home repair, and agriculture

While discussing our professional piston compressors, we pointed out how outdoor models are built for portability. In addition, they're designed to be used in tough environments. Equipped with giant wheels, these machines stand up against harsh soils and jagged rocks.

If you’re working inside, our Blueline Pro machines come with extra transmission protection against accidental dings.

Regarding build quality, the Beltair Pro models come with cast iron steel cylinders, covered by a specific steel anti-hardship repair. Reiterating the point on versatility above, our models run on most power sources, including fuel.

Regardless of which professional piston air compressor you choose, you'll receive a well-built machine ready for nearly anything.

Quiet environments, including chemical and refrigeration

Our silent piston air compressors are built for quiet environments. With an internal cooling fan, and in-house produced components, these machines generate the lowest possible noise.

The Fonolife PRO model produces 64 dB of sound, allowing it to be placed directly next to the usage point. They also generate relatively low heat and provide excellent performance. With a vertical casing, they take up the least possible amount of space.

If you’re working in healthcare, food and beverage, and chemicals, and need high quality air, the CleanAir oil-free models are compact and relatively silent.

We also offer a Fonolife base piston air compressor which comes with the same benefits for personal use. For more on in-home applications, read about our DIY compressors below.

Workspaces and hobby crafts

The Blueline MS and MZ DIY piston compressors are great for those who use compressed air at home. These machines are easy to maintain, practical, and manageable

If you're concerned about the environment, our Blueline MZ model is oil-free. This equipment requires the least possible maintenance and a long life cycle.

Whether you choose the Blueline MS or MZ, you'll receive up to 2HP of power, handling most in home applications.

Choosing a piston compressor

As pointed out in this article, piston compressors are suited for changing environments. If you know you won't need compressed air all day long, these machines are well suited for most industries and uses.

As always our team is here to help you decide what's best for your needs. Feel free to get in touch today.