DRF 150-220 HP Ceccato Image

DRF 151 - 341 HP

For medium - big production systems

High Efficiency
ensuring continuous productivity

Reliability and Stability
also in demanding industrial environments

Convenient Maintenance
accessible from the front door by a single person

DRF 151 – 341 HP - Fixed speed screw compressors

The DRF 151-341 HP is a complete range of air compressors that is an ideal solution for heavy industry, where high airflow rates are mandatory.  By combining reliability and energy savings, DRF can be equipped with an energy recovery system, which recovers heat produced by the compressor and uses it for other production machines. This can allow you to optimise the energy consumption within the entire production system and save more on your energy costs.

Very easy to use, it produces compressed air always at the maximum power, based on its fixed speed technology. The DRF 151 – 220 HP compressors are also equipped with dedicated panels, which facilitate the accessibility to components for their maintenance.

The clever monitoring, comprising of a control system and an integrated connectivity ICONS, gives you live updates on the compressor’s status. The system allows also to schedule your maintenance services well in advance, decreasing the downtime of your production facility

Our DRF 151-341 HP Compressors incorporate advanced monitoring and control systems, ensuring they deliver optimal performance. The DRF 151-341 HP Compressors offer flexible pressure options ranging from 7 to 13 bar, catering to a wide range of industrial needs.

Ceccato Compressors understands the importance of uptime. With scheduled maintenance services, we ensure your compressor runs smoothly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Ceccato's DRF 151-341 HP Compressors are engineered to save energy and reduce downtime. Experience energy savings, potential for energy recovery, and advanced monitoring that help you minimize operational costs and increase efficiency.

Our DRF 151-341 HP Compressors are ideal for heavy industries requiring high airflow rates, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

  • Energy Savings: Experience efficient operation and the potential for an energy recovery system that reduces your energy consumption.
  • Advanced Monitoring: Benefit from clever monitoring with a control system and integrated connectivity icons, providing real-time insights into compressor performance.
  • Reduced Downtime: Schedule maintenance services in advance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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DRF 151 - 341 HP - 50hz Ceccato ASIA

DRF 151 - 341 HP - 50hz Ceccato ASIA
4 MB

DRF 151 - 341 HP - 60hz Ceccato ASIA

DRF 151 - 341 HP - 60hz Ceccato ASIA
4 MB

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Technical details DRF 151 HP DRF 181 HP DRF 221 HP DRF 341 HP
Motor power 110 kW / 150 HP 132 kW / 180 HP 160 kW / 220 HP 250 kW / 340 HP
Pressure 7 - 13 bar 8 - 1 bar
FAD* 42,780 l/min 52,320 l/min 61,440 l/min 89,700 l/min
Noise 78 dB(A) 80 dB(A) 77 dB(A)

*FAD refers to 8 bar


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