5.5 kW Screw Air Compressor

7.5 hp screw compressor

The CSM 7.5 mini is the perfect 5.5 kW screw compressor (7.5 hp screw compressor). So if you are looking for a reliable 5.5 kW compressor for your business, then the CSM 7.5 mini is the perfect air compressor for you and your business.

A reliable source of compressed air

This 5.5 kW compressor (7.5 hp compressor) is a reliable workhorse with delivering the compressed air that you need, to get the job done. It is a small machine, with big compressor components. Drawing on Ceccato’s long history in making air compressors, this particular screw compressor features a high efficiency screw unit for air compression without metal parts touching.

Available with options to suit your needs

This 5.5 kW screw air compressor (7.5 hp compressor) comes in floor mounted option, tank mounted option, as well as dryer options for dry compressed air.

Learn more about the CSM 7.5 mini

Want to learn more about the CSM 7.5 mini 5.5 kW screw compressor? You can learn more about this compressor by downloading the brochure. You can also learn more about this compressor by contacting us. Use the contact form to learn more, or to find your nearest re-seller/distributor of Ceccato compresses in your area.

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