Air compressors oil what is it and which one to use

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Air compressors’ oil: what is it and which one to use

As cars, also lubricated air compressors require the correct level of oil. The oil for air compressors is used to grease mechanical components with the aim to prevent any damage from overuse and favouring air compression. There are two types of oil for air compressors: mineral oil and synthetic oil. These lubricants vary in their viscosity and contained additives:

  • Mineral oil is produced from petroleum refining.
  • Syntheticic oil is created in laboratories. In general, it lets the compressors work in a more silent way and it can be used with a wider range of temperatures than the mineral oil since it protects the machine from overheating
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What kind of oil should I use for my air compressor?

The answer is not univocal and varies based on several aspects. In general, the choice of oil for air compressors depends on the type of compressors you use, their life cycle and how you use them.

Both mineral and synthetic oil are suitable for air compressors. Normally, oil with the mineral origin is perfect for compressors with small or medium dimensions, which works from time to time. They are mostly chosen for compressors used at home. Instead, if your compressors find professional or industrial applications, you can go for synthetic oil, which offers more protection against overheating. It’s recommendable to check your compressor’s handbook before using this type of oil.

Why using the right oil on your compressor?

Using the right oil on your compressor brings way more advantages than its main function of protecting mechanical components and the engine itself:

  • Heating absorption: oil for compressors allows to absorb the heat coming from the compression’s phase as well as to work at lower temperatures.
  • Oxygen decrease: additives within the oil for air compressor slower down the oxygenation and acidification processes.
  • Enhance the compressor’s life cycle: the right lubricant diminishes possible unexpected breakdowns and it grants all internal elements protection also during stationary moments;

Does every air compressor need oil?

Some industries, such as pharmaceutical or food and beverage ones, care more about the products’ quality than others, in order to avoid reputational damages. They hence require a higher grade of purity in compressed air, which must not contain any drop of oil. Sometimes even the usage of filters is not enough. That’s why Ceccato produces not-lubricant compressors, the so-named oil-free compressors, which can offer a class 0 purity in compressed air.

Among the entire offer, you can choose also oil-free for semi-professional usage, which requires less maintenance and can work only from time to time.

Oil for Ceccato air compressors

To better protect your compressor and let it work at maximum efficiency, Ceccato offers oil perfectly suitable for any type of compressor. Find out all peculiarities of oil for air compressor and get in touch with our experts.