DRD 60 - 100 HP IVR PM Ceccato

DRD 60 - 100 HP IVR PM

Optimised performances for industrial applications at medium sizes

Advanced performance and reliability 
with our in-house designed screw elements.

Exceptional energy efficiency
with our IE4-rated motor.

Benefit from a cutting-edge drive train
coupled with Imperium inverter technology.

DRD 60 – 100 HP IVR PM - iPM Compressors

DRD 60 – 100 HP IVR PM’s design guarantees maintenance-free components, long-lasting consumables, and proven canopy packaging, all powered by in-house innovations. Enjoy increased performance, lower energy costs, and improved productivity across various applications, including waste management, textiles, paper, and large-scale production systems.

Ceccato's DRD 60-100 HP IVR PM compressors feature cutting-edge technology, including in-house designed screw elements and IE4 Super Premium Efficiency motors. Their integrated direct drive transmission ensures reliable and efficient performance.

With variable speed control, these compressors adapt seamlessly to fluctuating air demands, maximizing energy efficiency. Their low noise levels and proven canopy design make them ideal for various heavy-duty applications while minimizing operational disruptions.

Maintenance of our DRD IVR PM compressors is hassle-free, thanks to their design. With minimal maintenance requirements, you can focus on your operations without worrying about frequent service interruptions or high maintenance costs.

Ceccato's DRD IVR PM compressors offer substantial cost savings for our customers. With advanced technology, they ensure efficient energy consumption, resulting in reduced electricity bills. Additionally, their long-lasting components and consumables minimize replacement costs.

By choosing Ceccato, you not only benefit from top-notch performance but also enjoy significant savings that positively impact your bottom line, making them a smart investment for your business.

Ceccato's DRD 60-100 HP IVR PM compressors excel in various heavy-duty applications. Whether it's efficiently managing waste, powering textile production, handling paper processes, or running extensive production systems, our compressors guarantee consistent and reliable compressed air supply.

With their robust performance and versatile application range, they are the ideal choice for industries requiring uninterrupted air supply for critical processes.

  • Maintenance-Free: Say goodbye to hassles with our components that require minimal maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.
  • Long-Lasting Consumables: Enjoy extended consumable lifetimes, reducing operational costs.
  • Proven Canopy Design: Our compressors are packaged in a proven canopy design for ease of use and durability.

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DRD 60 - 100 HP IVR PM

Ceccato DRD 60 - 100 HP IVR PM - English
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Technical details DRD 60 HP IVR PM DRD 75 HP IVR PM DRD 100 HP IVR PM
Motor power 45 kW / 60 HP 55 kW / 75 HP 75 kW / 100 HP
Pressure 4 - 13 bar 4 - 13 bar 4 - 13 bar
FAD* 1,800 - 9,120 l/min 1,742 - 11,040 l/min 1,680 - 13,200 l/min
Noise 68 dB(A) 70 dB(A) 71 dB(A)
Configuration on Base on Base on Base
Controller ES4000 Touch and ICONS ES4000 Touch and ICONS ES4000 Touch and ICONS

*FAD refers to 7 bar


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