Stand up if you like enjoying beer!

Compressed air for breweries

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Stand up if you like enjoying beer!

Beer is known since ancient time and the way to produce it has been quite the same. However, thanks to technology, its production process has improved and perfected.  

According to the modern industrial process, beer, fresh and thirst-quenching, is produced with a huge usage of compressed air during the entire process of brewing.

Air compressors are used in all steps of beer production:



Fermentation is one of the fundamental steps to produce beer. During this phase, yeasts, sugars and amino acid within the must turn into alcohol, carbon dioxide and aromatic substances.

Air compressors contribute to fermentation since the bring oxygen to the yeasts, since they need it to survive and grow in number. The right ventilation is fundamental to determinate the quality of yeast.

Recover carbon dioxide

The fermentation process also produces carbon dioxide, which can be re-used by compressed air. In other words, compressed air gives you the opportunity to avoid losses and to use what you actually won’t use anymore.

Washing and cleaning

Within breweries, compressed air can be used also to clean bottles before being fulfill as well as to wash tanks.

Bottling and capping

The bottling phase can be completed thanks to compressed air. Indeed, the compressed air controls actuator of line machines that allows bottle to pass on the conveyor and being fulfilled, the beer’s transportation as well as the steps of cleaning of pipes, fulfillment, and capping.

As in all applications of food and beverages’ industries, if air compressed contains oil used to lubricate the compressor or other contaminates (such as dust, contained into the absorbed surrounding air), it can alter the flavor and the smell of the produced beer. Besides, it can be a threat of your consumers’ health.

To produce beer in a very heath way, also for your last consumer, Ceccato Aria Compressa offers 100% oil-free compressors, which grants you pure air and high quality of your beer, ready to be drunk. Cheers!