Oil-Free Compressors

Eliminate the risk of oil contamination

Here at Ceccato Compressors we understand there are applications that require 100% pure uncontaminated compressed air. Therefore, we have a range of oil-free compressors available to all Australians who need 100% oil-free compressed air for their crucial applications. Our different oil-free compressors include the CleanAIR, SpiralAIR and WisAIR.


Applications that Use 100% Oil-Free Compressed Air

Applications used in medical, dental, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries require an oil-free compressor to ensure there is no risk of contamination in the compressed air supply. Our oil-free compressors comply with the ISO Class 0 100% oil-free certification to ensure that there is no risk of any contamination caused by the compressed air production. These compressors leave a small footprint and a quiet operation.

Our Oil-Free Compressors and Their Uses

We offer three ways to generate oil-free compressed air, depending on the air consumption;

  • CleanAIR – For small applications where no continuous demand is needed
  • SpiralAIR – For medium applications where not that much air is consumed, but may have to run continuously
  • WisAIR – For larger applications where a bigger amount of air is used over a longer period

Lower Total Cost of Ownership With Oil-Free

The total cost of ownership of these compressors can be reduced since there is no need for an oil change and there is no oil waste management. With the use of high quality components, the oil-free compressor will have a longer operation life time with a minimum number of service interventions. To find out more about our oil-free options give us a call today on 1300 555 284.



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