Compressed air for agriculture and livestock

Here at Ceccato we understand the importance of the agriculture industry in this country. We have a range of reliable air compressors suitable for a wide variety of applications within the farming and agricultural industry. We are here to help you with your agriculture and farming needs. 

Service and Support

We are here to help your agricultural business, from buying a new piston compressor or variable speed screw compressors, or looking at service for an existing compressor. We have many years experience with compressors in Australia and understand the unique difficulties the Australian agricultural industry faces. We have machine with offer high productivity while keeping a lower cost of ownership.

Variable Speed Compressors

Variable Speed Compressors

We also offer variable speed compressors which come with many benefits. Using a variable speed compressor can provide energy savings to the total cost of ownership. We also have a range of piston air compressors suitable for your farming applications.

Our air dryers help protect your system while also maintaining a production which is cost-effective.

Knowledgeable Team

Our Ceccato team members understand the Australian climate and use their knowledge to provide you with the most suitable compressor solution to meet the unique demands of the agricultural and farming industry within this country. Find out more today about our air compressors and air treatment solutions and how these machines can be beneficial to your production. Speak to us today on 1300 555 284.

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You can also choose the same model at different configurations or with a different output power

Selection guide: choose the right compressor for you!

Selection guide

Choosing the right compressor for your production system is fundamental. At Ceccato, we developed a simple guide where you find out more about all the advantages of using compressed air.

All you need to know about compressed air

Technology you can trust - find all about Ceccato's value

Established over 80 years ago, Ceccato is one of the most reliable compressed air brands. Ceccato is a pioneer in screw compressors, investing in innovation, with the aim to offer the newest technology within the compressors industry.

Find out all about value and history of Ceccato.