Oil-free compressors and filters for food and beverage

Safety and hygiene are mandatory for the food and beverage industry to protect consumer health and to provide flavoured and quality products.

Possible food and beverage contamination can be caused by compressed air during several steps, such as:

  • Packaging
  • Food Storage
  • Ejecting
  • Inflating and Stuffing Products
  • Automation Air
  • Mixing
  • Transportation
  • Aerating Substances
  • Fermentation
  • Cleaning Air
  • Sorting
  • Cooling and Spraying

The mandatory compressed air quality standards for food and beverage industries are regulated by ISO 8573-1:2010. This legislation provides the purity class based on the total dust, water and oil quantity. They distinguish between direct contact with animals, whose quality class 1.2.1, and indirect contact, for which class 1.4.1 is sufficient.

Ceccato offers a complete range of oil-free compressors, eliminating any risk of oil contamination. Besides, a wide range of filters and dryers are available to improve the air treatment within a food and beverage manufacturing company. Filters and dryers delete impurities, such as dust and moisture, which can decrease food quality and flavour, as well as cause other food preservation issues.

100% clean and safe

Oil-free technology will give you the peace of mind of the risk of oil contamination being eliminated. Compressed air which has been produced by oil-free compressors is free of air aerosols and vapors. We have compressed air installations around Australia and will continue to ensure we provide exceptional service in all things compressed air related.

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