Belt and direct drive piston compressors

Piston compressors

Explore our versatile range of piston compressors, designed to meet the diverse needs of various applications, from DIY projects and garage setups to professional environments. Each product is engineered for reliability and performance, ensuring you find the perfect match for your specific requirements. Discover the ideal piston compressor for your application with us

Piston compressors

Easy to handle and carry around, piston air compressors are known for their versatility and small dimensions. For these reasons, they suit all budgets and are easy to maintain.

One of the first technologies developed for compressed air machines, piston compressors today can rely on several improvements that make them suitable for different uses and markets. This type of technology uses two pistons to pressurize air within cylinders. Piston compressors are available in different types of power and dimensions. They are suitable for personal usage as well as professional applications. Ceccato also offers silent piston compressors, which provide highly reduced noise levels compared to all other piston compressors, resulting in a more comfortable workspace.

Fonocompact Pro Ceccato Image

Do it yourself air compressors

With the aim to also provide compressed air to private users, Ceccato applied its internal knowledge and systems to develop a compressor line specifically designed for use at home and for hobbyists. These compressors are practical and very easy to carry around with simplified maintenance.

Blueline - no background


Dive into Ceccato's Blueline compressors - where legacy meets modernity. Efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly air solutions tailored for you.
Blueline Ceccato

Blueline MZ

Experience Ceccato's Blueline MZ Series - a blend of heritage and technology, delivering oil-free compressed air solutions you can trust.
Blueline MZ - no background

Professional piston compressors

Quality, reliability and efficiency for professional applications: Ceccato offers a wide range of piston compressors, that are also available with air tanks. The high reliability of these compressors grants you better protection from possible breakdowns or accidents. Easy to carry and designed to be used in the harshest conditions, Ceccato piston compressors are also available with a flat workstation to provide you extra space for your tools and other equipment.

Our piston compressors can be fuelled with petrol or diesel providing you with versatile options for remote works. We also offer piston compressors on vertical tanks for applications with limited floor space.

Ceccato - Blueline PRO

Blueline Pro

Elevate your business with Ceccato's Blueline Pro. Designed for small but heavier-duty requirements. Power options in 2 HP and 3 HP.
Ceccato - Blueline PRO

Beltair PRO

Designed for professionals, BeltAir PRO promises efficiency, durability, and unmatched high-pressure capability. The trusted choice for demanding tasks.
Berltair PRO - Ceccato.

EngineAir and BIengineAir

Discover independence with Ceccato's efficient EngineAir and BiEngineAir: versatile petrol and diesel-driven compressors, perfect for remote applications.
EngineAir Ceccato Image

Silent piston compressors

Ceccato has developed a silent air compressor range to keep the noise in your workplace down. This type of compressor is available both tank-mounted or on a base, depending on your needs. The silent range can be powered by either electricity or fuel. Find out more about our silent piston air compressors.

Fonocompact PRO - Ceccato


Ceccato’s Fonolife are silent piston compressors for indoor installations, blending efficiency with minimal noise. Perfect for diverse applications.
Ceccato - Fonolife

Fonocompact PRO

Introducing Fonocompact Pro by Ceccato - The silent, professional compressor. Perfect for indoor installations. Experience noiseless efficiency.
Fonocompact PRO - Ceccato

Still not sure what is the most suitable compressor?

Selection guide

Choosing a suitable compressor for your operation is fundamental. Therefore, we have developed a simple guide that explains all the advantages of using compressed air.

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