Compressed air for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry:
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When it comes to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, air quality plays a crucial role during the analysis and production process as well as for the final product.

Available with piston, scroll or screw technology, Ceccato oil-free compressors eliminate oil contamination risk by producing pure are in Class 0.

Not-lubricated compressors are applied when the maximum pureness of the air is required: tools, pipes and phials cleaning and drying, pneumatic tools feeding to move or control electro gauges, pills, and creams production.

Line filters and dryers also delete potential contaminants within the ambient air, such as water vapour, micro-organisms and hydrocarbon. In this way, the produced air doesn’t contain humidity and impurities and doesn’t contaminate the final product or the material to be analysed. Besides, your equipment lasts longer, and it is protected from corrosion.

Ceccato air compressors grant high working comfort thanks to their low noise level and compactness, and they can be installed next to the point of usage.

Pharmaceutical Industry Applications


Oil-free compressed air can clean and remove moisture from packaging, cans, bottle or tubs depending on the product. Air comes into contact with the product during the compression process. 100% oil-free is essential to prevent any risk of contamination.

Manufacturing of Tablets

Compressed air comes into contact of almost every phase of the compression process. Mixing and granulation, packaging, drying, coating and pressing. Class zero air avoids contaminations to the end product.

Manufacturing Ointment and Creams

Before products are filled into tubes and vials they must be clean and dried to remove any dust or moisture. Oil-free air ensures the risk of contamination to the end product is eliminated.


Sterile air aerates a fermenter. The air must not be contaminated as bacteria will polute the end product.

Instrumentation Air

During the manufacturing process, air gets used for pneumatic conveying. Air must be clean as it comes into contact with the product. Compressed air can also be used to control valves, sorting, polishing and more.

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