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Food and Beverage

Oil-free air solutions for the food and beverage industry to provide safe and high-quality end products.

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Fully Protected System

Class 0 100% oil-free compressed air ensures that your system is protected

Low Cost of Ownership

Oil-free compressors helps reduce production costs while increasing profitability

Oil-free Air Compressors for Food and Beverage

Clean compressed air is essential when it comes to the production and packaging of food ane beverage. To gurantee absolute air purity it is essential to use oil-free air compressors. These compressors also eliminate any chance of contamination to the end product. Some applications within the food and beverage industry includes:


Food Storage


Inflating and Stuffing Products

Automation Air



Aerating Substances


Cleaning Air


Cooling and Spraying

100% clean and safe

Oil-free technology will give you the peace of mind of the risk of oil contamination being eliminated. Compressed air which has been produced by oil-free compressors is free of air aerosols and vapors. We have compressed air installations around Australia and will continue to ensure we provide exceptional service in all things compressed air related.

Food and Beverage Solutions

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