My Tools

Here are some distribution material for successful sales. We have much more to offer in our dealer package. Contact your local responsible to find out more.

My Leaflet

Complete offer with modern and attractive leaflets, explaining the benefits and performance of the innovative products.

Business Portal

Here you can find all existing information you need to sell and promote the products, everything from technical datasheets to tools for measuring energy efficiency. It also functions as a communication tool where all new product info and campaigns are communicated.

The Air Guide

Your guide in the compressed air world. In an entertaining way, these manuals provide all relevant information you need: different technologies, how to size an installation, what a proper installation set up looks like, energy recovery methods, tables and diagrams of fuse, cable, piping and energy recovery sizing. It guides our distributors how to create added value for their customers and how a correct installation is set up.

Measurement Box

With this sophisticated tool, you measure your existing installation at customer size. A logger is hanged on the customer compressor and gives you the full overview of the existing situation. Questions like: Is my compressor too big or too small? Do I have leakages? Should I save money by investing in a frequency driven unit? These will be answered by doing this exercise.

Energy Cutter

A powerful tool that calculates the savings by investing in frequency driven units. It is a complete tool showing the results in a clear and visual way. Also included in the tools is a CO2 calculator providing an estimated saving in CO2 footprint.

Cost of pressure drop

Often the cost of a leaking system is a hidden cause for high electricity bills. For example 0,15 bar in pressure drop increases the energy consumption with 1%. This tool is perfect to illustrate the cost of pressure drop in a system.

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