Oil Free Compressors for the Food Sector

In the food industry, the product must be safe, healthy and tasty. Oil free air compressors are the solution to guarantee this

In the Food and Beverage Industry, customers love and appreciate a product for its flavour and quality. A food and beverage manufacturer who wants to offer the best and guarantee quality, must place their choice on a high quality 100% oil free air compressor.

In fact, when using an oil-lubricated screw compressor, the air contaminated by oil particles can reach the product. This could cause threat to both the machine and the health of consumers. The class 0 oil-free compressor by its nature, completely prevents this risk, granting taste and safety.

Oil-free compressors can be used to move and transport products, in the re-production, for the operation of the blades that peel and cut food and for many other uses.


The advantages of an oil-free compressor in the food industry

No contaminants, no downtime

In automated production lines, compressed air is used to control valves and actuators for filling, packaging and bottling. If an oil-lubricated compressor is used, the contaminant contained in the air accumulates and can block the operation of these components causing costly line stops.

"Clean" transport

Compressed air is used to push powdered foods, such as milk or cocoa, along the pipes. The contaminating oil mixes with the powder damaging the product. An oil-free compressor ensures clean transport without compromising product quality.

Product quality

Compressed air is also used to clean bottles, packages and molds before filling. The oil in the compressed air contaminates the containers, altering the taste of the final product and endangering the health of the consumer.

Fermentation: Healthy bacteria and no contamination

Compressed air oxygenates bacteria during fermentation for food production. The presence, even minimal, of traces of oil influences the bacterial activity and contaminates the final product.

Safe cooling without waste

Compressed air is used to cool baked goods once they are baked. Air contamination damages the final product, causing waste and production losses.

Ceccato Air Compressors offers a complete range of oil-free compressors, to ensure the quality and safety of your food product. Enjoy energy efficiency with our compressor solutions.

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