Variable Speed Screw Compressors

Variable speed screw compressors are a useful tool for all those who need to produce the quantity of compressed air actually required by the application. Excellent for modern industrial needs, they follow the request by automatically adjusting the rotation speed of the motor and which consequently produces more or less compressed air. The air advantages are primarily energy saving. By regulating the supply of air according to needs, energy savings are allowed which translates into economic savings.

The operation of a variable speed compressor is very intuitive and it is the big difference with fixed speed compressors. The more the air demand increases, the more the rotation speed of the electric motor increases, thus providing a greater quantity of compressed air. If, on the other hand, the request decreases, the engine detects the change and slows down automatically, compressing only a quantity of compressed air required, allowing substantial energy savings. Our models of variable speed rotary screw compressors meet the needs of every type of business. From small and medium-sized companies to large industries that require higher compressed air production, with efficient and cutting-edge solutions.

Variable Speed Compressors

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