Achieve a green air compressor setup

Learn more about how to invest in a green air compressor setup

With many European countries demanding lower carbon emissions, it's worth investing in a green air compressor setup. Whether in France, Italy, or Spain, our rotary screw air equipment is built to meet the latest efficiency standards.

If you're running a fixed speed rotary screw compressor, you may want to invest in a variable speed model. In a previous article, we covered the difference between the two machines.

One of the biggest advantages of a variable speed compressor is its ability to operate at lower speedsconsuming less energy. Since industrial compressors typically use between 10% and 30% of a business' energy usage, this creates a big impact on emissions.

When implementing our latest models with an interior permanent magnet motor (iPM), you could save up to 45% on energy costs. This reduction also leads to a lower carbon footprint.

This is just one of the ways a rotary screw compressor can help reduce your carbon footprint. Read on for more tips.

Replacing your rotary screw compressor

We previously mentioned the benefits of replacing your rotary screw compressor in several articles. Even if your equipment is just a few years old, it is always a smart idea to reevaluate your setup.

Although our machines are built to last for many years to come, our team is constantly working on new innovations. You may be missing out on tools like the optional onboard ECOntrol6i and ICONS remote monitoring, useful in keeping your equipment running smoothly.

Like with any equipment, rotary screw compressors wear out over time. No matter how much regular maintenance is performed, these machines are often put under large amounts of strain with high head conditions.

The good news is that our newest air compressors tend to generate less heat than their predecessors. They also come with onboard technology to increase uptime.

Running a smart factory for lower carbon emissions

In a related article on cutting energy costs, we pointed out the importance of implementing smart factory technology. In addition to the ECOntrol6i and ICONS, we also offer the advanced ES4000T controller.

With these tools, you're provided access to data and analytics to help minimise strain and share the work across all your machines. In addition, you'll spot issues like air leaks ahead of time, reducing wasted energy.

Operating a smart factory is an easy way to reduce your carbon emissions while saving on energy and maintenance costs.

Alternative energy sources for a green air compressor setup

Also covered in the article referenced above is the recommendation to offset energy produced by high emissions sources. Investing in solar panels is one way to reduce greenhouse gasses produced in the world.

Not only does this positively contribute to climate change, you'll also offset total energy costs by generating your own electricity.

This point is especially relevant as prices continue to rise and remain unpredictable.

Anything to switch from fossil fuels is a step in the right direction.

Achieve a green air compressor setup

Installing the right size rotary screw compressor

Another point worth mentioning is the importance of installing the right size rotary screw compressor. In a related article, we discussed how air pressure plays a role in energy consumption.

If you're uncertain about the right size compressor for your needs, we recommend reading that article. Running equipment that's too big will result in wasted energy and unnecessary carbon emissions from your production.

Performing regular maintenance


While the point above mentions unavoidable wear, it doesn't mean regular maintenance isn't helpful. In fact, with OEM parts and service by certified technicians, your equipment will run in the best possible condition.

It may be tempting to use aftermarket parts, but these won't be a perfect fit, and may contribute to increased downtime and air leaks. Anything you can do to invest in your air compressor for the future will help reduce wasted energy usage.

We're here to help reduce your global carbon emissions

It may seem daunting to sift through reports and information on gas emissions and CO2 levels while also running your business. As data is constantly updated on climate change each year, we are always working on new technologies.

If you need advice on what makes the most sense for your applications, just reach out to our team. We're monitoring the carbon emissions situation to make insightful recommendations.

Feel free to get in touch to determine what makes the most sense for your business.