Six aspects to be aware of before using an air compressor for the first time

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Air compressors come in different sizes and with several technologies, such as rotary screw compressors, piston compressors and oil-free compressors. They are also flexible in their usage: some categories of the compressor are designed specifically for home usage, and others can be applied to industrial systems. Despite their application, there are some common aspects to be aware of before using an air compressor, which help you avoid hurtful movement.

Get ready for using your compressor!

As you use your compressor for the first time, a preparation moment is mandatory. Whether you are an employee or a self-user, there are important steps to follow.

  • Choose a safe spot: secure your air compressor on a stable flat surface before starting using it.
  • Use protective wear: before starting using your air compressor, put on your protective glasses and ear and check your equipment status. To know more about safety while using air compressors, read also how a compressor works.
  • Know your air compressor: generally, two categories of compressors can be identified: lubricated and oil-free compressors. If your compressor is lubricated, be sure to have the correct oil for your compressor and that you covered the minimum level to start using it.
  • Be aware of potential danger: try to recognize possible risks before plugging in your compressor and making it work. In this way, you will be more prepared to face them if necessary. 
How to use an air compressor

After learning how to use an air compressor, it becomes an essential machine in your workspace. Once you start, you must be aware of basic information and habits, such as:

  • How to make it works: be sure that all necessary hose connections are inserted correctly, and the drainage valves are closed. Besides, remember to control that the pressure power switch is off as you plug in the power cord. As you check this list, you can turn the compressor on.
  • How to execute the right maintenance: to prolong your compressor’s life-cycle, maintaining service must be applied regularly. Ceccato’s compressors come with technological wireless systems, such as ICONS and Econtrol6, which notify you about scheduled maintenance or issues. Besides, you should always check your air tank and change the air filter on a regular base.

Learn more with Ceccato’s experts

Knowing your compressor is highly important if you want it to perform efficiently. When you are going to use it for the first time, take your time to prepare and comprehend how it works.

If you have any questions about compressors, you can get in contact with a Ceccato expert. We will do our best to solve all your doubts.

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