SpiralAIR: Oil Free Compressed Air

Compressed Air for Analysis Laboratories and the Pharmaceutical Sector

In analytical laboratories and in the pharmaceutical industry, air quality is essential for the analysis process, production and the final product. The SpiralAIR rotary spiral compressor eliminates the risk of oil contamination, producing pure Class 0 clean air.


In spiral compressors, air is compressed by atmospheric pressure to the final pressure without there being contact between the parts. This particular combination generates a constant flow of compressed air. The compressed air is oil-free and suitable for applications which are sensitive to contaminants.

Another important factor for the analysis and pharmaceutical laboratories is the working comfort. Working comfort is guaranteed by the high silence of the SpiralAIR compressor. The SpiralAIR is only 53-59 dB (A) for the Mono version and 63-65 dB (A) for the Multi version. This feature allows the SpiralAIR to be installed close to the point of use, with minimal acoustic impact.

The air quality is further guaranteed by the SpiralAIR versions with integrated refrigeration cycle dryer. The dew point of these integrated dryers are under pressure of 3°C. This way the air produced does not contain moisture and avoids the risk of contamination to the final product. The life of the equipment that is protected from corrosion will also be extended.

The Multi version of the SpiralAIR has a modular structure from 2 to 4 compression modules that are activated in parallel. This will help to manage the peaks of demand. The graphic controller makes it possible to manage the operation of the various modules. The available models cover all the different needs:

  • Mono (a spiral) and Multi (2-4 spirals) 
  • with single-phase and three-phase versions 
  • with and without integrated dryer 
  • with powers from 2 to 4 x 7.5 hp.

Non-lubricated spiral compressors, such as SpiralAIR are suitable for all applications that require maximum air purity, such as:

  • cleaning and drying equipment 
  • pipes and vials
  • feeding pneumatic instrumentation for transporting or controlling solenoid valves
  • producing tablets and creams.

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