Can I perform maintenance on an air compressor myself?

January 20, 2023

After investing in an air compressor, you may wonder what will happen when it is time for a compressor service or an oil or filter change. Ceccato air compressors have been built and designed to ensure ease of maintenance, so customers can perform maintenance on their air compressor on a regular basis. Maintaining your air compressor can save time and money and also increase the lifespan of your compressed air system.

Rule number one before you begin performing any maintenance tasks to your compressor is to read the operator's manual. The operator manual will guide you to the correct location of the parts within the compressor and provide essential tips to maintain your air compressor properly. If compressor maintenance is performed poorly or homemade items are used to repair the compressor, this could result in the warranty being voided.

To limit common issues in your air compressor, it is important to keep up to date with preventative maintenance. Some of the most common preventative maintenance practices include:

  • Cleaning intake vents
  • Making sure all fasteners are tight
  • Regularly checking hoses for corrosion or crack
  • Checking and changing air and oil filters
  • Cleaning the heat exchangers

When should I let a professional work on my compressor?

Although the practices mentioned above can usually be carried out by customers, there are serviced and repairs that are better handled by a professional service technician. For example, a rotary screw compressor can be more complicated to maintain rather than a piston compressor especially once higher hours (8,000+) have been reached. A service call should be made if any of the following issues occur in your air compressor:

  • Any electrical issues
  • Motor issues
  • Valve/drain removal on larger units
  • Pressure switch repair

To ensure efficiency in your Ceccato compressor performing your own regularly scheduled preventative maintenance can be key. Performing regular maintenance tasks on your air compressor will save money and energy and result in the extended lifespan of your machine. For any critical issues with your compressor that needs to be handled by a technician, get in touch with us today on 1300 555 284.



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