How is Compressed Air Used in Vehicle Body Painting

January 20, 2023

Contaminants in compressed air

Ambient air and compressed air produced by a compressor contains the same substances, meaning water vapor (among other things) contained in the air is compressed and the compressed air therefore has a high humidity. Small oil residues from the compressor lubrication system can also be found in compressed air that is from a oil injected screw compressor. The average value for oil content in screw compressors is about 3ppm. The compressed air quality demand is higher in body painting for example, compared to many other applications. The above requirements particularly apply to what is accepted in terms of contaminants such as water, particles and oil.

Removing contaminants for vehicle body painting

We recommend using a dryer to reduce the humidity; this can be done with a refrigerant dryer that gives a pressure dew point of about 3 degrees celcius. You can reduce the amount of particles that come into the compressed air by installing particle filters. In addition to the particle filters, installing a oil separating filter removes the residual amount of oil that is always found in compressed air from a oil injected screw compressor. Completing the above filters with an activated carbon filter ensures no oil will be included in the compressed air. "Technical oil-free" compressed air is achieved when supplementing other filters with an activated carbon filter.

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