5 advantages of monitoring air compressors’ data

To optimize the maximum efficiency during the entire life of your compressor and to increase your return on investment, the compressors must be managed in the best way ever. Regular maintenance and gathered data on the compressor’s status ensure the compressor works correctly.

Ceccato’s compressors are equipped with innovative monitoring systems, which can be either integrated with the controller unit or installed externally. These systems apply to ICONS (Intelligent CONnection System) to collect fundamental data, increasing their performance and energy efficiency and diminishing sudden breakdowns’ risks.

In the following article, you get insights on the main advantages of monitoring compressors’ status:

Businessman and digitalisation

Costs’ savings related to energy consumption and maintenance

Data on your compressors’ status offer useful information to verify its correct workflow at the unload time and air waste.

Ceccato Aria Compressa supports its client in their resource optimisation, aiming to reduce operative costs and increase the efficiency of their products. 

Continuous monitoring of your compressors’ status and quickest service

Thanks to ICONS monitoring, you are constantly informed of possible anomalies and work peaks. Applying to remote monitoring, skilled technicians can take more accurate decisions promptly, without necessarily being physically in the compressors’ room.

By using Ceccato’s controllers, you can control and analyse your compressors’ status everywhere you are, comfortably at home or in your office. Gathered data can be downloaded for further analysis and archived directly on your pc.

If something doesn’t work, you will be immediately notified so that you can take action without any production stops.

Scheduled maintenance

Ceccato’s controllers allow you to plan maintenance services. Basing your compressor’s working hours, you can plan your specific maintenance services without stopping your production systems. Scheduled maintenance prevents sudden breakdowns, which can block your activities. 

High compressor efficiency in the long period

Thanks to maintenance services, your compressor’s working life lasts longer. Besides, ICONS suggests optimisation actions to keep the compressor efficiency always at its maximum level. 

System automation

ICONS eliminates traditional processes to gather data, creates reports and offers useful information. The compressors’ room can be monitored using ECOntrol6 (or its version fully integrated with the compressor): this monitoring system manages up to 6 compressors, balancing working hours and optimizing their workflow.

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