Total Cost of Ownership: Oil-Free Compressors

When deciding which compressor is best for your production, it is important to see the bigger picture and calculate the total cost. Initial operating cost savings may seem pretty tempting, but you must also consider what the total cost of ownership will be. Here we discuss the oil-free compressors total cost of ownership and how it can be improvedWe will also go over some advantages of a 100% oil-free air compressor.

Reducing maintenance costs significantly affects the total cost of ownership (TCO)

Maintenance is an important part for the longevity of your oil-free compressor. Maintenance is also key to reducing the total cost of ownership. It is important when trying to reduce additional costs, thinking of how maintenance could impact your compressor in the long term. Scheduled maintenance can help reduce compressor downtime, give you long term reliability and a greater peace of mind. While minimal maintenance could have the opposite effect on your oil-free compressor.

Advantages of Oil-Free Air Compressors

The advantages of our oil-free compressed air technology are:

  • No need for filter maintenance
  • Zero costs for energy intended to prevent the pressure drop of the filters
  • Zero costs related to the treatment of condensate
  • No contamination
  • Central control point for multiple units with integrated sequencer of wall controller
  • Energy Efficiency

Enjoy Clean Air with SpiralAir

SpiralAir SPR20

Eliminate any risk of oil contamination with the SpiralAIR rotary spiral compressor. The SpiralAIR produces pure Class 0 clean air for a number of industries. These industries include laboratories and pharmaceuticals, the chemical industry and food and beverage just to name a few. Learn more about the SpiralAIR and other range of oil free compressors here.

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