Can the heat generated by the compressor be useful?

January 20, 2023

Ever wondered why you should evaluate the heat recovery generated by air compression? About 90% of the electricity used to compress the air is converted into heat and about 75% can be recovered, instead of disposed of as excess. Follow our directions to ensure you are not wasting heat any more!

What are the factors to consider when calculating an investment in a heat recovery system?


A careful evaluation of the following variables must be made:

  1. The compressors available working hours per year 
  2. Installed electrical power 
  3. Cost of electric kW/h 
  4. Service of the machine 
  5. Heat recovery method 
  6. Conditions of the room environment 
  7. Location of the compressor room and distance from point of use

Examples of Heat Recovery Applications that have lead to Significant Cost Savings

  • Heating of the premises, sheds, workshops
  • Heating of industrial processes
  • Water heating for sanitary use, laundries and cleaning bottles
  • Use of heat in canteens, company kitchens, companies in the food sector, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Recovery of hot air to feed drying plants
  • Drying, preheating and sterilisation 

The water cooling system with heat recovery

The enegry recovery option integrates an oil/water heat exchanger into the oil circuit. The hot oil (between 70 and 90°C) that comes from the compression is precooled by heating water under pressure, which becomes the thermal vector that can be used for heating.

The device adjusts automatically: the standard oil cooling circuit intervenes in case of lack of water cooling capacity, ensuring the correct operation of the compressor. The heat recovery option is a mechanical system that does not require maintenance or consume energy, but rather allows considerable savings.


Energy box flow diagram

What are the Factors to when Evaluating a Cost-Effective Investment?

  • If the distance between the compressor and the point of use is reduced. A high distance will entail an additional cost for the payment of the pipes and the labor of the plumber who will have to install them
  • If in the long term the derived energy savings will absorb the initial costs of installing the heat recovery system
  • If the service status of the compressor room is continous, this will ensure the necessary supply of the necessary heat for futher use.