Why Do I Need a Dryer For My Compressor?

January 20, 2023

Following the compressed air process, an air dryer will remove the moisture.There are a wide range of meanings for dry compressed air and how dry the air is or needs to be can be indicated by the dew point. While the air can be compressed, water can not.

Why should I install a dryer for my compressor?

What would happen if moisture or water entered your machine? If water gets into wood it causes rotting, in metal it causes rust and in walls it creates mold. These are a negative result and can cause a headache to any manager.

Relating this to air compressors, if moisture enters your machine it could damage the compressor, air motors and valves, and could possibly contaminate the end product. An air dryer could avoid this issue.

A new air dryer can be more cost-effective compared to the possible loss of production.

Why is it important to know what size air dryer I need?

It is important to find the right fit when finding an air dryer that will keep up with your application needs. An air dryer which is too large may cause harmful wear and tear, whereas a undersized dryer could lead to poor air quality downstream.

Keep these questions in mind when sizing the dryer for your needs

  • How dry does the compressed air need to be (desired dew point) - this helps determine if you need a refrigerated or desiccant style dryer)?
  • How much cfm will the air compressor be sending through the dryer, and at what pressure?
  • What are the ambient condtions for the air dryer?
  • What is the inlet temperature of the air going into the dryer?

The answers to these questions will assist you in selecting the right dryer and also appropriate size for your compressor.

Something to remember: A desiccant dryer consumes 2-20% of your cfm as purge air during the regeneration cycle of the vessels. Necessary arrangements will need to be made with that in mind. For a new install, the compressor must be sized appropriately to compensate for the loss of cfm during the purge cycle. For an exisitng install, a compressor upgrade may be needed. Correction factors and ambient conditions also come into play.

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