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Interview with Ruggero Vencato

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Ruggero Vencato

We spoke with Ruggero Vencato: 33 years in Ceccato, a career in industrial production up to his current role as General Manager of the Product Company of Brendola.

How many years have you been producing the products of Ceccato?

For 80 years. The company was founded in 1936 and has worked in several industries including automotive, compressed air and plants for washing vehicles. These products have been developed into a high professional training environment - the little working city in Alte - wanted by Pietro Ceccato, founder of the company, for its employees.

Is there any aspect of the technology of the "first Ceccato" which can be also found nowadays?

The enthusiasm for technological innovation, higher education and the integration with the territory. The quality of our products is the result of careful and constant training that we provide to our employees, as was that of Ceccato employees at the time of the little working city in Alte. In this regard, we have intensified our cooperation with technical schools in the area, universities and business schools of Padua and Vicenza. In addition, the contributions arising from synergies between design and development teams and sale and aftermarket are fundamental for the evolution of Ceccato technology.

What are the main products assembled in Brendola and why?

Ceccato develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of products for the compressed air. Our core business is the production of screw compressors up to 37kW and refrigerant dryers. We have become leader in this market segment to meet the high demand for compressed air in the medium and small industry, specific of the Italian market and Veneto region. Thanks to this experience and our know-how, we have specialized and now we produce for all of Europe.

What are the methods used in the production and product certifications?

In our factory we use lean manufacturing techniques (lean manufacturing) that allow us to reduce waste and increase productivity. The products of Ceccato are manufactured with high quality materials and with technologies geared to energy efficiency and the environment. They abide by the following international certifications: ● ISO50001 (Energy) since 2016 ● ISO9001 (quality) ● ISO14001 (Environment) ● ISO 18001 (Security)

In which way is the quality of the factory in Brendola reflected in the products which are assembled in it?

The value is the result of our design center excellence, the development center for compressors and dryers that cooperates in synergy with technical department, production, purchasing, production and assembly lines, marketing and aftermarket. In addition, a selected network of reliable suppliers that we created over time, provides us with high quality materials. These elements make our technology unique and highly innovative.

33 years in the company is such a long time: a particular episode worth to be remembered....

When I received the Veterans pin that is given to all employees who celebrate 25 years of seniority in the company. It is one of the moments in which I felt more proud to work in Ceccato!

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