Blueline Ceccato


High reliability and efficiency at home

Practical and manageable
equipped with wheels and a handle for an easy transportation

Easy to use,
with a very compact design

Start and stop ON/OFF,
suitable for all

The piston compressors Blueline bring reliability and efficiency directly at your home: Ceccato, hence, applied to all his knowledge, developed in more than 80 years, with the aim to guarantee excellent products also for home and hobby applications. Practical and manageable, the Blueline is equipped with wheels and a handle for easy transportation also in cars.

These piston compressors offer two transmission technologies:

  • Direct transmission, easy to maintain;
  • Belt transmission, with an optimized cooling system.

The compressors’ range Blueline allows to pass from start to stop ON/OFF and their design makes them very comfortable to use.

Technical details




50 BC2

90 BC2

Motor power 1.5 kW / 2 HP
Pressure 10 bar
Intaked air 220 l/min 250 l/min
Size (LxWxH) 280x400x480 310x610x580 430x770x660 840x395x730 970x490x850
Weight 14 Kg 25 Kg 33 Kg 44 Kg 56 Kg
Tank 6 l 24 l 50 l 90 l
Mobility  Equipped with wheel


Gear Transmission: B
Equipped with wheels: C
Fixed: F
Direct transmission: D
Mono-phase: M
Portable: P
Professional: PRO
Two 11 liter tanks each compressor: 2*11

Selection guide: choose the right compressor for you!

Selection guide

Choosing the right compressor for your production system is fundamental. At Ceccato, we developed a simple guide where you find out more about all the advantages of using compressed air.

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Technology you can trust - find all about Ceccato's value

Established over 80 years ago, Ceccato is one of the most reliable compressed air brands. Ceccato is a pioneer in screw compressors, investing in innovation, with the aim to offer the newest technology within the compressors industry.

Find out all about value and history of Ceccato.