DRB 20 - 35 HP IVR of Ceccato Aria Compressa

DRB 20 - 35 HP IVR

Compact and solid

More free space in your production plant

The screw technology allows a more silent and comfortable workspace

East to maintain
All internal components are easy to access for a quicker maintenance

DRB 20 – 35 HP screw compressors with inverter technology offers excellent savings thanks to its IE3 motor, optimal cooling system and long pauses in maintenance. The variable speed screw compressor brings advantages for both short and long periods. Compared to the same DRB model with fixed speed, the energy savings can reach up to 35% and the compressor’s life-cycle costs are reduced by 25% on average.

The innovative design makes the product compact and integrated with efficient dryers in our “all-in-one” version. The compressor’s maintenance and cleaning can be done by a single person thanks to easy access to the components.

The controlling system ES4000 allows regulation of all parameters, such as temperature and pressure. You can also choose the updated version ES4000 Advanced, which allows you to schedule the compressor’s start and stop schedule. Both controllers can be integrated with wireless remote monitoring system ICONS and ECOntrol6i.

Technical details





Motor power 15kW / 20 HP 18 kW / 25 HP 22 kW / 30 HP 26 kW / 35 HP
Pressure 5.5-13 bar
FAD*  780 - 2,136 m3/h 780 - 2,436 m3/h 780 - 3,030  m3 780 - 3,270 m3/h
Noise 65 dB(A) 70 dB(A) 71 dB(A) 72 dB(A)
Configuration on Base and Tank
Controller ES4000 Standard
Optional controller  ES4000 Advanced con Econtrol6i integrato

*FAD refers to 7 bar

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Selection guide: choose the right compressor for you!

Selection guide

Choosing the right compressor for your production system is fundamental. At Ceccato, we developed a simple guide where you find out more about all the advantages of using compressed air.

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You can also choose the same model at different configurations or with a different output power

All you need to know about compressed air

All you need to know about compressed air

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Established over 80 years ago, Ceccato is one of the most reliable compressed air brands. Ceccato is a pioneer in screw compressors, investing in innovation, with the aim to offer the newest technology within the compressors industry.

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