3 kW screw air compressor

When you need a 4 hp screw compressor

If you are in the market for a 3 kW screw compressor (4 hp screw compressor), then you found the perfect solution. Ceccato’s CSM mini 4 is the perfect option for you. This 3 kW screw Air compressor (4 hp screw compressor) has a performance of 11.3 CFM and, it is available in a number of configurations.

A 3 kW compressor packed with features.

The CSM 4 might be a small 3 kW Compressor but it comes with all the options and features that you could ask for. It’s a small power machine with the big compressor components, it has a high efficiency screw unit.

Plenty of options to suit your business needs

With this 3 kW screw Air compressor (4 hp screw compressor) you can find the perfect solution for you. The CSM 4 comes in floor mounted option as well as tank mounted option, and with dryer for dry compressed air for your business needs.

Explore the range further here. Explore the CSM 4 in the brochure below, or get in touch using the contact form, to learn more or to find your local Ceccato re-seller or distributor in your area. 

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