Oilfree Compressors for the Chemical Industry

Guarantee Greater Product Purity with Ceccato Oil-Free Compressors

In the chemical industry, safety and quality are must-haves that govern production. The ideal choice to ensure greater product purity is a 100% oilfree compressor. The oilfree compressors also provide more energy efficiency and greater safety.

In fact any air contaminated by oil particles can reach the product. This could mean compromising the products characteristics and in the most serious cases entailing a threat to health. The oilfree compressor completely prevents this risk, granting quality and safety.

Oil-free compressors can be used in many applications including handling and transporting products.


Fewer breakdowns

In automated production lines, compressed air is used to control valves and actuators for filling and packaging. If an oil-lubricated compressor is used, the contaminant in the air accumulates and can block the operation of these components. This could result in costly line stops.

No contaminants, no downtime

Compressed air is used for transport along the production line of materials. Oil contamination causes quality defects. Oil free air compressors allow the transport of dust without problems.

Increased security

Oilfree compressed air is essential in some chemical processes to completely eliminate the possibility of explosions. Unlike electricity, compressed air by its nature reduces the risk of explosions.

Oxidation of Chemicals

Compressed air plays a direct rile in aeration processes, providing oxygen for the oxidation of chemicals. Compressor oil mixing with the outgoing air can hinder the process. In some cases it can give rise to a product of the oxidative process other than the desired one. 

PET production: Higher quality

PET resin granules are produced and transported using compressed air. Any traces of oil present in the compressed air can contaminate the resin. This will result in a different composition of the final product where the granules are sintered. The use of oilfree compressors guarantees uniform production and air purity.