Standard & Silenced Piston Compressors

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Broad product range

Different configurations for occasional, intermittent or frequent use from DIY to professional applications.

User-friendly design

All components are designed for a maximum user comfort and easy maintenance.

High-quality components

Slow running pump and robust belt guard design guarantee less wear and improved cooling.

Easy to move & install

All models enjoy easy maneuverability and are ready for use.

The right fit for your compressed air need

Compact and small, easy to install, ready for use, stationary or mobile, direct or belt driven, single and double stage designs, tank mounted with or without dryer…. they even fit into the smallest service van, but are ‘big’ enough to satisfy your request for perfect compressed air. Just choose according to your needs!

Our Professional Piston Range

Original Parts


Ceccato Compressors


Oil-Free Compressors