DRB 20-34 screw compressors

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Simple installation

Compact and all in one system, thanks to the integrated dryer. Compressed air quality can be improved by the cyclonic water separator and the coalescent filter which are available as an option.

Solid quality

Highly reliable transmissions, for a quiet and trouble-free operation. High capacity oil/air coolers, perfect air filtration and cooling guarantee less thermal shocks and a longer lifetime.

Easy and fast maintenance

All the service components are located at the front of the machine for excellent accessibility. The compressor comes with an oil-level sight glass at the front which is visible without removing any panel and can easily be monitored thanks to the intuitive controller.

Customize your machines through a wide range of options

Energy recovery to recover energy and reduce your energy bill, canopy heaters for low temperature installation and the possibility to include food grade oil, line filters, water separators and much more.

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