How do I manage Condensation in a Compressor?

January 20, 2023

Protecting your compressor from condensation

Unwanted moisture that is not removed correctly from your air compressor could lead to unexpected damage as it travels through the airlines. Rust in the air piping system occurs when there is the presence of water.

These issues however can be prevented by regularly ensuring all drains are working and removing condensate from the system efficiently. Where possible, ensure all drainss are zero loss as it is the moisture not the compressed air you want to get rid of.

Avoid leaving manual valves slightly open to consistently drain the condensation. The need for continous attention will be eliminated by leaving the valve open, and it will be effective in getting the condensation out of the system. This is tempting on drain points that have a high volume of condensation. However, this creates an apparent compressed air leak, and even a small continual leak can wast several hundred dollars in annual energy costs.

Why Would a Dryer Help?

Using a dryer in your compressed air system is the top, most efficient way to prevent moisture from gathering. Moisture is removed by the dryer so it does not condense and cause problems. There are two types of dryers:

The type you need will depend very much on the type of air desired for your operation. 

The bottom line is a dryer is the optimal way to manage the moisture that will develop in your air compressor system. The dryer will help keep your system up and running at its peak and avoid major expenses down the line.

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