ICONS Connectivity

The Advantages of an Integrated System via IoT

July 26, 2021

ICONS facilitates communication between machines and other compressed air equipment via IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity by providing a real-time overview of the service status.

In This Short Video we Introduce you to the ICONS World

The Ceccato compressors, equipped with ES4000S and ES4000T controllers, are complete with IoT connection via ICONS, which allows suitable scheduling of maintenance interventions to intervene in a preventive manner and avoid serious problems of machine downtime, and consequently, of production. In line with the 'Internet of Things' approach, ICONS (Intelligent CONnectivity System) facilitates the daily work of the maintenance technician.

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How Does it Work?

ICONS performs an analysis of the operating parameters and the service status of your compressor. This data is processed and made available on the new ICONS platform, even easier to use, which offers the following opportunities:

  • Follow the fleet in real time
  • Create reports on the performance of the compressor
  • View the data through a simple and intuitive dashboard

Are you Out of Office for an Intervention?

Being out of office is no longer a problem with the ICONS ALERT app, which will report any anomaly in real time to your smartphone (both Apple and Android) allowing you to intervene immediately, reducing the risk of downtime and additional costs.

Are you Wondering how to Get More than Two Compressors in use to Communicate?

You can use the optional ECOntrol6i functionality of the ES4000T controller, which will allow you to distribute the operating hours between the compressors (further reducing maintenance costs) and use a single pressure band for the entire compressor room (saving energy).

Download the Brochure to Learn About the Benefits of IoT Connectivity