New ES4000S and ES4000T Controllers

August 13, 2021

Standard Connectivity for Compressed Air Production

The compressed air system is the basis of your production. However, you may not always have the time to keep an eye on it. The ES4000S and ES4000T controllers monitor and manage compressor performance for you.

Easy to use and equipped with connectivity features, the controllers provide compressor updates and maintenance alerts before any problems arise. When it is crucial not to stop production, the controllers ensure optimal operation.

The Benefits of ES4000S & ES4000T Controllers

  • Connect to the compressor remotely anywhere and anytime
  • Reliable operation
  • Better maintenance scheduling
  • Stop notifications and alarms
  • Productivity optimisation by eliminating the risk of downtime
  • Scheduled maintenance interventions provide greater reliability
  • Suggestions on how to optimise costs from the reports

Compressor Control at your Fingertips

Enjoy simplicity with the ES4000S controller as features include a user interface with simple symbols for easy navigation. The ES4000T controller offers an enhanced user experience with a state-of-the-art 4.3" colour touchscreen.

With connectivity functions, it is no longer necessary to physically go to the compressor to access the controller. It is possible to check the maintenance status of the compressor in real time at any time and in any place.

Connectivity as Standard

Knowing the status of your compressed air system at any time improves the reliability of operations as a whole. Maintenance can be scheduled at the right time to avoid production downtime due to serious issues.

Multi-Compressor Control


Are you using more than two compressors? The ES4000T controller can act as a master controller thanks to the integrated ECO6i functionality. Thus it is possible to reduce maintenance costs by evenly distributing the operating hours between the compressors. You can also save energy by using a single pressure band for the entire compressor room.

Complete your Compressed Air Installation with an ICONS plan

What happens if the compressor needs maintenance or immediate intervention? With an ICONS plan, you will receive an alert from the controller directly on your computer, table or smartphone. Wherever you are, you can take immediate action and reduce the risk of downtime and additional costs.

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