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CSMV 10 – 50 HP PM

Innovative technology for low powered machines

Energy Efficiency,
In-house designed iPM motor.

maintenance-free design extend compressor lifetime.

Large touch screen to quickly access service.

CSMV 10 – 50 HP with iPM technology

The CSMV 10 – 50 HP grants you cuts on your energy consumption and advantageous savings on your budget. Instead of the fixed speed models, CSMV 10 – 50 HP adjust their airflow according to your air needs, increasing their performance and efficiency.

This range is equipped with the touch controller ES4000T, which constalty monitors the compressors’ status and sends your reports to increase the machine’s efficiency. The controller works also remotely.

This range is equipped with the touch controller ES4000T, which constalty monitors the compressors’ status and sends your reports to increase the machine’s efficiency. The controller works also remotely.

Our compressors feature cutting-edge technology, including in-house designed iPM motors, advanced screw elements, and a user-friendly touch screen controller for optimal performance. The compressors incorporate new generation screw elements that significantly improve efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. With an integrated direct drive transmission, minimal power loss is guaranteed, providing consistent and reliable air compression. These technological advancements make the CSMV series the ideal choice for customers seeking top-tier performance and cost savings in their compressed air systems.

Maintenance services can be executed by one person only, since the compact and simple design allows to reach each component very quickly.

With improved energy efficiency, reliability, and a maintenance-free design, Ceccato's CSMV 10 – 50 HP compressors help clients maximize their savings. Ceccato's CSMV 10 – 50 HP Variable Speed Compressors are your path to significant energy cost savings, improved reliability, and reduced downtime.

Our compressors are suitable for various applications across industries, offering energy-efficient and reliable compressed air solutions.

  • In-house designed iPM motor with iPM Super Premium Efficiency: Our compressors feature an efficient motor that reduces energy consumption, translating to cost savings.
  • New generation screw elements with improved efficiency: Advanced screw elements ensure optimal air compression, saving energy and increasing reliability.
  • Integrated direct drive transmission for minimal losses: Our compressors are designed for minimal power loss, ensuring consistent performance.

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CSMV 10 - 50 HP - 50 hz - Ceccato Asia

CSMV 10 - 50 HP - 50 hz - Ceccato Asia
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Technical details CSMV 10 HP CSMV 15 HP CSMV 20 HP CSMV 25 HP CSMV 30 HP CSMV 40 HP CSMV 50 HP
Motor power 7.5 kW - 10 HP 11 kW - 15 HP 15 kW - 20 HP 18.5 kW - 25 HP 22 kW - 30 HP 30 kW - 40 HP 37 kW - 50 HP
Pressure 7 - 10 bar
FAD* 369 l/min 370 l/min 468 l/min 600 l/min 720 l/min 1,380 l/min 1,860 l/min
Noise 73 dB(A) 76 dB(A) 77 dB(A)
Configuration on Base
Controller ES4000 Touch

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