Air Compressor Buying Guide

1. Air compressor types

Depending on your air demand, oil injected screw fixed speed is for constant demand and oil injected screw variable speed is for variable demand.

2. Air compressor specifications

You need to know pressure, flow, voltage, air cooled or water cooled.

3. Air Compressor Features

Belt drive, gear drive and controller with connectivity functions.

4. Efficiency of the air compressor

By comparing the specific energy requirement. (Total package input power versus free air delivery)

5. Compressor room size

All in one solution for compressor room with limited space. Compressor, air dryer, filters and an air receiver help you save on floor space and operational costs.

6. Noise level

Oil injected screw air compressor is normally much quieter than the piston air compressor.

7. Reputable manufacturer

A good manufacturer will have an excellent reputation for producing high-quality products.

For more information about either one, find a Ceccato representative near you or browse our selection of products today.